Examples of behavioral addiction people suffer from

When it comes to the concept of addiction, it can be divided into two types: substance and behavioral addiction. Substance addiction involves being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

While behavioral addiction is when an individual has a compulsive desire to undergo a particular activity or behavior. Both substance and behavioral addictions produce similar effects on the body.  

Some of the examples of behavioral addiction are listed below

Gambling addiction

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), gambling disorder is classified as an addictive disorder.

Different studies have shown that gambling addiction affects the brain in a similar way to drugs and alcohol. This is one of the reasons why gamblers hardly quit this activity because it provides them with a refreshing experience when they make little wins.

They are often self-motivated to record higher wins. So, they will not mind spending more money to make this a reality.

Internet addiction

We live in a digital age where people spend several hours on their phone, going from one social media platform to another. This pattern of online activity has made many people unproductive in many aspects of their life.

After spending much time on the internet, it becomes hard for them to handle other important tasks at work, school and the home.

Shopping addiction

When shopping gets out of control, it can be classified as a compulsive disorder.

If you often go shopping to make yourself happy, without having any real use for the products or services you are getting, you might be struggling with shopping addiction. This addiction type is common in women and young ladies.

Food addiction

Food addiction or Binge Eating Disorder is a problem that some people struggle with. Some people obsessively eat food for different reasons other than satisfying their hunger.

Video game addiction

Another type of addiction that people struggle with is video game addiction, and it is common in men and boys. Once video games begin to take the place of other important activities in your life, a disorder is at play.

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