Difference between substance and behavioral addiction

Addiction is broadly categorized into substance and behavioral addiction. Substance addiction is the compulsive and obsessive use of drugs or alcohol. And even though the individual is aware of the adverse consequences, they will still take those substances.

There are some people who need to take alcohol or drugs before they do something. Without these substances, it is impossible to perform any task. Hence, these substances make people feel normal and when they do not take them, they experience withdrawal symptoms.

It would interest you to know that substance addicts are physically dependent on those substances. And people can easily tell because the long-term physical health effects are obvious.

On the other hand, behavioral addiction does not involve any substance. It is a condition where the individual is dependent on some behaviors that induce pleasure. Some examples of behavioral addiction are sex, gambling, video, shopping, pornography and a host of others.

Behavioral addiction is characterized by regular cravings which must be urgently satisfied. And one of the major differences between substance and behavioral addiction is, there are no withdrawal symptoms involved.

For both substance and behavioral addiction, they tamper with the normal functioning of the body’s system. And this is why addicts view their addiction condition as normal.

Someone who is addicted to substances would find it challenging to lead a normal life because their focus is on the addiction. The same applies to behavioral addiction. The addicts will ensure they dedicate a good amount of their time to satisfying themselves.

The good part is, both forms of addiction can be treated effectively provided the individual is willing to cave in. The primary step in treating both substance and behavioral addiction is by acknowledging that you have an addiction problem.

Then, the individual would be required to either stay within the confines of the rehab or not. For most behavioral addiction, the major treatment feature is counseling and some form of therapy which is not as demanding as substance addiction.

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