The term addiction, is a physical and psychological inability to stop the usage of a drug, chemical, activity or substance, irrespective of being aware of the fact that, they come with detrimental and dire consequences.

Addiction does not only mean dependence on chemicals or substances. Someone who finds it difficult to stop an act or take a drug, has substance dependence.

In some cases of addiction, it becomes difficult to quit some activities like working, gambling, eating and the likes. In a good number of these circumstances¸ the person comes with a behavioral addiction.

When an individual is addicted, they find it difficult to regulate how they take a substance or take part in an activity. Hence, they depend on it to cope with their everyday life.

Spotting someone who is addicted is very easy. First off, the person would obsessively seek those substance or activity which keeps him or her motivated.

Due to the fact that there is a high volume of dopamine production, the person would seek to continue taking the substance, or indulging in the activity, so that they would remain okay.

In addition to this, they lose interest in activities which does not involve either the substance being abused, or the behavior.

What they prefer is, indulging in activities which would give them the liberty to use the substance or take part in the addictive activity.

They also have serious difficulties in relationships. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Due to the fact that their addiction has taken full control of their attention, they prefer to keep to themselves.

This happens because there is a supposed fear of rejection from their loved ones.

Also, they would also find it difficult to stop the use of the substance or the act. It gets even worse when there are health problems attached to it.

However, they do not mind, the ultimate aim in this case, is the pleasure derived, and they would continue at all cost to ensure they are continually motivated.

Addicted individuals are also known to be great risk-takers when it comes to accessing either the activity or the substance.

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